English Literature


On our English Literature distance learning course you will have a chance to read and write about English Literature from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. All the best-known and best-loved writers are included, such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Swift, Boswell, The Romantic Poets, Jane Austen, and Dickens as well as others usually known only to those who study the subject at university.

The course consists of nine lessons which progress chronologically through the periods of English Literature. At the end of each of the first eight lessons you will be asked to answer questions which are designed to bring out some of the most important and interesting aspects of the texts you have read, and in the ninth you will be invited to write an essay of your own choice on one of a selection of modern authors.

Your tutor will be a graduate in English Literature, with a flexible approach, enabling people of a wide range of educational backgrounds to enjoy the course. Those who wish to use the course as an introduction to English Literature without answering the set questions, or giving only brief answers, are welcome to do so, while those who wish to give longer responses to the questions are also welcome. The important factor is that you enjoy the reading, and relish the challenge of thinking in greater depth about what you read, while being free to approach the written work at whatever level suits you best.